We gathered feedback from consumers to arrive at solution for their issues with the door lock

  • • Security concerns for home
  • • Safety of family members
  • • Kids and old parents forget to take keys
  • • Family members arriving late at night from travel disturbs everyone with door bell


Still wondering why should we use a SMART LOCK?

The world has changed in past 2 decades, everything we use and see around us is becoming smart so why should you still carry keys for your door.

Your door deserves better….

01 smart-lock
Easy & Convenient…. And Stylish too

Valencia Smart Door Lock allows you to open the door with your fingerprint, pincode or card

No more carrying keys….To match your active Lifestyle

Sometimes you don't want to carry a key around - particularly if you lead an active lifestyle.

02 smart-lock
03 smart-lock
No more forgotten keys

Do your children always forget their keys? Valencia Smart door lock ensures this problem is eliminated

Guests at home…And you are running late in traffic

No problem, just text them the passcode

04 smart-lock
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